Louter Electric Exhaust Valve


In recent years the demand for an Exhaust valve has dramatically increased, due to the insatiable need for improved performance and dramatic sound for a more enjoyable drive. Even manufacturers install them as standard on many new cars. There are many versions available worldwide, the American versions breakdown so often that even the manufacturers have imposed just a 30-days warranty.

After many years of research and development, the latest reliable exhaust valves to hit the market made by Louter and currently used by motorsport professionals worldwide. Built to a high standard equivalent to an OEM part and come with a full 30-days warranty as standard.

You can now Unleash maximum Power! And not worry about it failing to operate correctly. Everyone wants an exhaust sound to improve their driving experience but before valves came along the only choice you had was to stick to either a loud or quiet sound, hoping you had the right mufflers fitted. A Louter Exhaust valve allows you to choose the sound volume depending on when and where you drive your car by efficiently controlling it by remote control. Now you have the best of both worlds, stealth quiet when you need to and thundering loud when you want to. No need for gimmick phone apps, as some people have caused accidents while looking down at their phones to control the sound by the app. Louter only uses a wireless remote which can be attached to the dash within easy reach to the driver.

A Louter exhaust valve is an ultimate upgrade to make your car stand out from the crowd. The best part is you have total control. Buy online and look forward to a more enjoyable drive. If it doesn’t say Louter then you’re NOT buying the best exhaust valve around.

Detailed Specifics
• Worlds #1 Branded Electric Exhaust Valve
• Available as single or Dual kits.
• German Word for Louter Means Louder in English
• Stainless Steel Construction
• Precision Machined Seal
• Stainless Steel Reinforced Butterfly Plate
• Stainless Steel Shaft Welded for Reliability
• Cast and Machined Protective Motor Housing
• High Torque Precision Dc Gear Drive Motor
• Super Strong Valve Motor
• Gears Made from High Temp Steel
• Weatherproof Housing Body
• Waterproof Wiring Harness
• Lock and Seal Weather Tight Connectors
• Multi Position Remote Control X 2
• Fully Adjustable from Closed Shut to Wide Open or increments
• Go from Quiet to Pops N Bangs
• You Are in Total Control
• Supplied from the UK

Kit Includes
• (2) Electric Exhaust Valves for Dual kit and (1) for single valve kit.
• (1) Dedicated Wiring Harness
• (2) Wireless Remote Controls
• (1) Louter ECU
• Fitting Instructions
• If it doesn’t say Louter then you’re not buying the best.

Installation Instructions
Professional installation recommended.
Due the nature of Louter Exhaust Valves, it is important to have them installed by a trained professional as welding is required as well as electrical connections. For off road use only. Please note all valves are thoroughly tested and in full working order before leaving the factory floor and come in retail packaging.

LTEC- 51 / LTEC- 63 / LTEC- 76 / LTEC- 51-TW / LTEC- 63-TW / LTEC- 76-TW

Fitting the Louter Valve to the exhaust system.

There is a number of ways the Louter exhaust valve can be fitted to your vehicle, here are some options:


Show some diagram samples here

Wiring the Louter Exhaust Valve

Show wiring and Louter ECU diagram here.

The Louter ECU must be mounted in any suitable place where power can be easily reached and away from weather elements in a dry location. Ideal fitting areas are the Boot area or under the dashboard.
Fitting Tips
• Make sure the Louter Exhaust Valve is fitted with ground clearance as not to scrape on the floor as any damage to any part of the valve which will invalidate warranty.
• Route the wiring harness through the body floor, ideally through an existing factory drain plug.
• Make sure the cables do not interfere and are clear and secured away from exhaust pipes and prop shafts.
• Make sure the Louter Valve is fitted to the rear of the car to prevent spent gasses recirculating back into the cabin area.

To prolong the life of the Louter Exhaust Valve, please make sure the butterfly valve is lubricated monthly as this will prevent excessive carbon build-up and maintain a good seal.
Do not operate the exhaust valve with engine revving higher than 2000rpm, it is recommended to make valve changes during idle.

Profusion Exhausts provides a limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 30 days from date of sale. Any faults must be reported immediately. upon inspection and verification of warranty, Profusion Exhausts will, at its opinion, repair or replace products, which prove to be defective. Profusion Exhausts will not be liable for any costs involved in removing or installing the valve nor is Profusion Exhausts liable for any losses that may occur from a faulty valve or badly fitted by your installer, all costs are the sole responsibility of the end consumer. On any claim, you will need to provide photographic proof of the failure.

Exclusions & Limitations
• Any product, which has been subjected to abuse, accident, alteration, badly installed, neglected maintenance or improper installation, renders the product warranty null and void.
• Conditions resulting from acts of nature, weather, criminal activity or accidents are subject to adjustment under the product warranty.
• Shipping and handling charges are the responsibility of the end user and are not covered by warranty.
• Any and all labour charges that may be incurred for the removal and or replacement of any covered component or the purpose of affecting this warranty are the sole responsibility of the consumer.
• Leakage Return Policy
Profusion Exhausts. will not accept returns without prior authorisation. In the event it is necessary to return an unused product within 14 days, a return of goods authorisation must be obtained from Profusion Exhausts. A letter of explanation should be included in the package as well as a copy of the invoice or receipt.

Profusion Exhausts Technical Team is available Monday through Friday (10AM-4PM eastern time) at +44 (0) 1753 686878 or via email at: sales@profusionexhausts.com