ProBomb Universal Cherry Red Loud Silencer

ProBomb Universal Cherry Red Loud Silencer

Posted by Profusion Exhausts on 18th May 2023

With a variety of Bomb style mufflers on the market, it is obvious the famous ProBomb Universal Cherry Red Loud Silencer is the clear leading choice for car enthusiasts; manufactured to a high standard to deliver a truly deep rumble, designed to deliver performance, Sound and all this without restricting the flow.

Just like Dyson re-engineered the vacuum cleaner, Profusion Exhausts re-engineered the Bomb silencer, available in cherry red, Black or polished stainless steel, with or without a tailpipe; the choice is yours; this universal muffler will surely make you heard before you are seen.

The ProBomb has made a significant mark worldwide due to the wide open core, which doesn’t restrict the flow, it doesn’t have protruding pores which restrict flow and create more back pressure, the tailpipe is made from Stainless steel, and the multi-diameter inlet pipe allows varied tube diameter to fit with ease.

The ProBomb comes as a universal fitment, so it can be fitted to almost any vehicle, even motorbikes, with ease; the best way is to have a garage weld it in place; some pipework may be required.